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From 28th September to 2nd October 2011 the new collection of Servomuto will be featured at Galleria Consadori. This SERVOMUTO exhibition signs the start of a new periodical date at Consadori Gallery to ward the research of new expressions of the contemporary design.
The format selected, only 5 days long – wednesday to sunday – defines the mood of the exhibition: short, deep and extremely expressive, a flash on new words closed to design and art.
The Gallery, always involved with art, antiques and design, mostly of the Italian 20th century, will be the ideal set for these short journeys at the edges of the contemporary art.

In the first “short” appointment, from September 28th till October the 2nd, we will present the new collection of lampshades designed by SERVOMUTO with the collaboration of the artist Cédric Virassamy; other dates will follow during the next year combined with the more traditional exhibitions of the Gallery.

SERVOMUTO was born in 2007 from an idea by Francesca De Giorgi and Alessandro Poli.

The two designer customized the archetype of the lampshades, playing with the contrasts between modernity/light and antiquity/outdated fabrics (such as ancient drapes, cloche and old embroideries) working side by side with the traditional laboratory founded by Francesca’s grand-parents.

By the use of industrial salvaged materials, precious fabrics, big trimmings and contemporary tissues, Francesca and Alessandro – who have always been used to research and collect ancient ages materials – turn their lampshades into unexpected and surprising objects, which are the support for their creativity.

Beeing born as common tools, it comes that these objects become poetic images with a strong suggestive intensity.

Francesca e Alessandro often share their need for experimentation and innovation with other young artists who – as well as they do – interpret the spirit f the brand.

Following this point of view, for this exhibition SERVOMUTO meets Cedric Virassamy, extremely interesting artist and illustrator.

His work is instinctive, the use of ballpoint pens one of the signs of his opera characterized by a stylistic ambivalence referring to different applications: from the simple sign to complex drawings.

SERVOMUTO, in collaboration with Cedric Virassamy, presents a new lampshades collection realized with the artist’s drawings and which walks together with “Lucky Garden”, the previous one made with ancient fabrics.

Opening Time

 Thursday to Saturday 10.00 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 19.00

Sunday 15.00 – 19.00