68 Pezzi Facili

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On November 19th 2019, Anna Maria Consadori Gallery inaugurates 68 Pezzi FAcili a group exhibition conceived as a contemporary Wunderkammern to bring together works ranging from the sixteenth century to the present day. Small masterpieces of sculpture, painting, graphics, photography and design, linked by the only red thread of the pleasure of quality even in small dimensions. Unexpected surprises, reconfirmations or discoveries, micromasterpieces of immediate beauty: easy pieces.

Urban Escape – Art decks from the world of skateboarding and surfing

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Skates and surfboards are tools used by the new generations to escape from the urban platitude. As far as the relatioship aesthetic-functionality is concerned, they have been elegantly and efficiently shaped throughout time. Their origin recalls oceans and waves from Polynesia where surfing, the art of riding waves, was born. Skaters deal with other kinds of waves in oceans of concrete – the urban version of surf, characterised by speed and evolutions in city streets.


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Galleria Anna Maria Consadori presents the exhibition “Cartolaria” on Thursday, November 15th 2018, h.18.30 in Via Brera, 2 Milan.


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As per tradition, the Consadori Gallery opens the season 2015 with an exhibition, in which art and design coexist.


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“Artiste d’avanguardia” (“Avant-guard artists”) is the title of the new exhibition at Galleria Consadori that will open the 23rd October 2013. Dadamaino, Carla Accardi, Nanda Vigo, Grazia Varisco are some of the women artists displayed in the show.