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Galleria Anna Maria Consadori ‘s opening a sculpture exhibition on march 5th, 2019 with most italian artworks from ’50s to present days.

In Italy, all to often our collectors see sculpture a sort of  “public art”, something more suitable to city squares, parks or gardens. The most commonly used reason is a limited space inside the houses but it’s just an excuse; it’s not real.

Traditionally, italians are painting collectors but for some reasons we have prejudices against sculptures, unless it’s “ornaments”.
But the sculpture can enrich living spaces, give to them a kind of “tridimentional breath”, inserts movements and creativity between flat and monothone walls.

For this reason, from March 5th to April 4th, we’re proposing artworks by more than 20 sculptors who used different techniques and medias – from cast to steel – followed by different public and critics, some of them to rediscover and other most po also outside Italy and Europe. All of them demostrate capacity to impress and decorate in a non-conventional way of the conteporary scuplture.

We’re are trying to invite to sculpture collecting with different opportunities of dimensions, expence and a living space enrichment at the same time.

The exhibition will be open to public from March 6th to April 4th, 2019

From Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 7pm


Artisti in mostra:

Kengiro Azuma / Carmelo Cappello / Alik Cavaliere / Luigi Comazzi / Pietro Consagra / Bruno De Toffoli / Tullio Figini / Lucio Fontana / Laura Grisi / Giuseppe Maraniello / Robert McCauley / Fausto Melotti / Kenny Michael / Umberto Milani / Mario Molteni / Matteo Naggi / Mario Negri / Tullio Pericoli / Giorgio Roccamonte / Paolo Schiavocampo / Francesco Somaini / Giuseppe Spagnulo / Mauro Staccioli / Tomonori Toyofuku / Nanni Valentini / Walter Valentini / Nanda Vigo / Fritz Wotruba.