Paolo Ventura “War and Flowers”

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This summer I began painting flowers, picking them up from their roots, near my studio in Anghiari, Tuscany. Along with the roots and the earth, the war emerges, too. Where I gather flowers,  the English and the Germans fought in the summer of 1944, for months they butchered each other on those hills. (more…)

Un Anno Vissuto Pericolosamente

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Milan, November 20th. While the world is struggling to cope with the virus, Galleria Consadori is still pursuing its own (crazy?) optimistic dream and announces an art and design exhibition focused on a newfound return to “normal”. Room landscape paintings, still natures, micro-stories to start over again by imaging a possible future. “A Year of Living Dangerously” is a display of objects, paintings and pictures portraying the landscape swinging between the infinitely small and the infinitely large.


Watercolors and oil paintings by Tullio Pericoli

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To celebrate the new book “Sul Farsi del Mondo” by Walter Benjamin and Tullio Pericoli and published by Henry Beyle Edizioni, Galleria Consadori is proud to present a new exhibition of Tullio Pericoli. On show 9 watercolors featured in the book and some oil paintings.


Opened on February 20th, 2020

This exhibition is currently suspended.

We’ll keep you update on reopening as soon as possible.

KARL HUBBUCH – Oltre il buio

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Karl Hubbuch (1891 – 1979)

This exhibition presents an exclusive collection of drawings and mixed media made between the 1925 and 1930 during the Weimar Republic in Germany.

Hubbuch was born in Karlsruhe and baptised in the Roman Catholic church. From 1908 to 1912, he studied art at the Karlsruhe Academy, (more…)

68 Pezzi Facili

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On November 19th 2019, Anna Maria Consadori Gallery inaugurates 68 Pezzi
FAcili a group exhibition conceived as a contemporary Wunderkammern to
bring together works ranging from the sixteenth century to the present day.
Small masterpieces of sculpture, painting, graphics, photography and design,
linked by the only red thread of the pleasure of quality even in small
dimensions. Unexpected surprises, reconfirmations or discoveries, micromasterpieces of immediate beauty: easy pieces. (more…)

Urban Escape – Art decks from the world of skateboarding and surfing

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Skates and surfboards are tools used by the new generations to escape from the urban platitude. As far as the relatioship aesthetic-functionality is concerned, they have been elegantly and efficiently shaped throughout time. Their origin recalls oceans and waves from Polynesia where surfing, the art of riding waves, was born. Skaters deal with other kinds of waves in oceans of concrete – the urban version of surf, characterised by speed and evolutions in city streets.


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