Giancarlo Consonni

Compositions of Random Meetings


Our innermost knowledge is recognition, a sort of acknowledgement for things that suddenly start speaking to us.

Consonni takes winter walk along the disused beach huts, in good view because of the missing beach umbrellas, they have not yet regained the intention of a décor and control of a façade, as near unscathed objects stand along others worn by time, weathered by sun and water Random meetings where surfaces and various matters blend and mix, each one bearing its history and coats of paint: such are the meetings that will be discovered and chosen. Why were they chosen? There is a filter of deliberate memory: Duchamp and the objet trouvé and then Rothko and above all Mondrian, drawn from life against horizontal and vertical backgrounds of these snippets of beach equipment .

The fragment, transfigures into comprehensiveness, focussed on framing.

Now let us turn to the sections of walls or riveted masonite sheets in the views of the photos, plastic bands of elementary colours, rusty sheets, varied by the sun and salt wear, wooden sleepers.

We look these contours which tries to be straight but fail, as is stripped by time. Plaster trying to be even without managing it, imperfect efforts of a perfection which lifeguards sought in maintaining the beach establishment. It embodies the tension between what we are and what we would like to be, a sympathetic emotion something which has to do with what we do and are: pursuing ideals which twists as it settles on an unreachable horizon, because of our difficulties, and events, because of our limitations.

Consonni’s work is a perfect praise of imperfection, the existential footprint in things.

Stefano Levi Della Torre

Extract from the exhibition catalog astratto / concreto

Letizia Mombelli

The project Cereghin by Letizia Mombelli combines natural woods handcrafted and new features in innovative materials such as Corian.
The tables can be combined in three dimensions or used individually.