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Lisa, Aldo and Saul This exhibition by Galleria Annamaria Consadori is in ideal continuity with the one organised in 2021 Saul Steinberg: Milanese homage. In fact, the corpus of drawings, or rather: of drawn letters by Lisa Ponti (1922-2019) presented here is that of her correspondence with Aldo Buzzi (1910-2009).


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The exhibition compares the work of two artists, Arduino Cantàfora a nd Delfino Sisto Legnani. The first, with a series of paintings, drawings and engravings ranging from 1975 to 2020; the second, with a group of photographs created for the occasion (2023, with Alessandro Mensi) as comment and reflection on the work of the older master.

Paolo Ventura “War and Flowers”

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Paolo Ventura – “War and Flowers” This summer I began painting flowers, picking them up from their roots, near my studio in Anghiari, Tuscany. Along with the roots and the earth, the war emerges, too. Where I gather flowers,  the English and the Germans fought in the summer of 1944, for months they butchered each other on those hills.

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